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A   Story  of   Passion

The company started in 2015 in Gargnano, a small town in the province of Brescia on lake Garda. This is an ideal historic historical area, for its microclimate conditions, that enables the cultivation of olives and lemons.

In the family olive grove, where the company is located, Diego grew his passion for olive growing throughout the years. He acquired the local cultivating techniques from his father and combined them with the knowledge and more recent systems of production.

The predisposition of the location, the experience acquired and the deep passion brought him to start the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Today he manages one hectare of olive grove. In this area, where cultural operations are carried out by hand and with small equipments, it could be considered a unique agricultural reality.

Maintaning, promoting and enhancing the typical olive culture of this territory, particularly the local variety of Casaliva, is the main goal of the company.

After accomplishing the degree in Enology in 2004, he starts his professional activity among some important wine cellars in the area, developing, over time, the desire to create his own viticulture and produce wine with a personal style.

In 2016, after an intense research, he starts to manage an forty years old vineyard of located on a morainic hill in Cavriana, in the morainic amphitheater south of Garda. This territory is particularly suitable for type of soil and climate characteristics.

The encouraging first grape harvest has been an additional motivation to expand, acquiring other small plots and planting new vineyards. Currently the grapevine surface is more or less two and a half hectares.

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